Why Tethra?

Tethra has partnered with a company specifically seeking to mitigate the negative environmental impact which occurs during the construction of a wind farm site through the laying of cable routes and turbine anchor points offshore. The primary goal is to develop a best practice approach and establish biodiversity-friendly, renewable energy solutions through the integration of artificial reef systems along with Tethra ORE sites.

We are considering the installation of artificial rapid settlements (reefs) which are durable, scalable, and are a viable solution to combat the ecosystem disruptions resulting from ORE developments. Environmental benefits of this integration include a reduction in habitat damage, increase in biodiversity & species population, and positive impact on the overall health of the ecosystems thriving at these locations. The integration of such artificial reefs will not only mitigate the impacts of construction but allow the receiving environment to recover and restore itself at a much quicker rate compared to the natural cycle, creating biodiversity-friendly ORE sites.

Tethra will help rejuvenate and revitalise the impacted environments during the development of ORE sites while optimising the use of the marine space available in a sustainable and innovative practice.