Solutions Are In Our Nature

Pioneering, Minimal Impact Offshore Energy.

Reduction in habitat damage, increase in biodiversity and species population, and positive impact on the overall health of the ecosystems at these locations.


The developments will aid in diversifying the local economy in these rural areas and create new opportunities of employment for residents.


Headquartered in Arklow, Co Wicklow with satellite office planned for Galway


Using newer floating turbine technology to develop locations further from visual receptors


Creating a hybrid site in a marine area with multiple beneficial outputs.


The sites, once operational, are expected to produce a collective power output of c.15.5GW.

Our Vision

Tethra believes that it is the responsibility of Offshore Developers to be good custodians of the marine spaces that we occupy. We strive for low impact solutions and our ethos is formed around a restorative approach. Through consideration of every action taken and allowing nature to restore, our vision is to truly give life to integrated marine activity both above and below the waterline.

Our Partners

Irelands East Coast

About Us

The Tethra portfolio consists of 6 large scale Offshore Renewable Energy Sites located around the coast of Ireland and within the Irish Exclusive Economic Zone. This diverse portfolio consists of sites both inside of 12 nautical miles (immediate development) as well as outside of 12 nautical miles (later development). All early-stage planning work has been completed and all sites have corresponding Foreshore Licence Applications with the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government to carry out the required survey works.
The overall goal of Tethra goes beyond the development of ORE sites alone. Our goal is to improve marine sustainability, biodiversity and utilisation in order to improve the condition and productivity of the surrounding marine environments we develop in.
Tethra seeks out innovative businesses to partner with whose goals align with ours so that we can offer impressive alternative environmental solutions and revenue streams for ORE sites. Our partnership model bolsters and supports our ambition to demonstrate a best practice approach in the development of ORE sites which is adopted and embedded in our early-stage planning.